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Over the past few years, a growing number of universities and research institutions have been implicated in FBI, National Institutes of Health, Department of Education, and Department of Justice investigations related to grant fraud, undisclosed conflicts of interest, undisclosed sources of foreign funding, and unauthorized dissemination of federally funded research to foreign countries.

The Strider Compliance Intelligence Platform enables universities and research organizations to be compliant with U.S. federal and state regulations for government funded research and to protect valuable research and intellectual property.


Leveraging 20,000+ primary external data sources and proprietary risk methodology, Strider helps to identify funding, concurrent employment, and talent recruitment efforts that are targeting your organization. This actionable data allows universities and research institutions to be proactive in protecting talent and research and remaining compliant to regulations.


Detect external funding sources being received by professors or researchers.

Concurrent Employment

Identify professors or researchers who are concurrently affiliated with foreign government universities or institutions.

Talent Recruitment

Determine if professors or researchers are members of foreign government sponsored talent programs.