Strider combines open-source data and AI to deliver cutting-edge strategic intelligence.


We protect the ideals and innovations of the free world

Global superpowers are competing for technology and talent, and industry is in the cross hairs. As the amount of open-source data continues to skyrocket, it holds the promise of unprecedented strategic intelligence to secure and compete in this era of great power competition.

New Capability

Introducing Spark AI

Have a question? Just ask.

Get immediate answers to critical supply chain questions with generative AI-powered search functionality—integrated as a chat function within Checkpoint.

Go from reactiveto proactive

Our products utilize open-source intelligence to offer unmatched insights for critical areas of your organization.


Illuminate state-sponsored risk targeting technology and talent within your organization.

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Defend against state-sponsored risk with cutting-edge email security.

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Screen your organization’s supply chain and end users for security, reputational, and compliance risk.

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Assurance In the Unsure

Linking and syncing your supply chain

The supply chain risk and compliance environment is rapidly changing. Confidently vetting trading partners requires the right tools, data, and context. Know your suppliers like never before with unprecedented insights to partners individually and at scale.


The more awarethe more prepared

Get ahead 
of new risk

State-sponsored risk is the fastest growing segment of corporate risk. It's also the hardest to detect. Strider's proprietary datasets illuminate how to best keep your talent and technology safe from insider threat activity.


Trusted by Fortune 100 and world leaders

Strider is proud to partner and help secure some of the most influential organizations and governments in the world.

Our products speak for themselves

Experience a demo like no other. Because we only use open-source intelligence, our demos aren’t hypothetical. We’ll show you real data and real insights in real time.