Actionable data for a new era of global strategic competition.

Economic Statecraft Intelligence™

Governments are leveraging commercial means to achieve national strategic objectives. With this increase in economic statecraft, companies and organizations are on the front lines of a new geopolitical battle for technology, talent, and supply chains.

The Strider
Risk Intelligence

Strider illuminates risks to your company or organization through actionable data and cutting edge technology. The Strider Risk Intelligence Platform is the first SaaS platform specifically designed to help visualize, manage, and respond to economic statecraft risks across your organization.

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Founded to protect the ideals and innovations of the free world.

Strider was founded to help organizations maintain their competitive edge and safeguard their most valuable assets from adapting adversaries.

Our team includes intelligence specialists, data scientists, software engineers, and financial system experts all dedicated to protecting the ideals and innovations of the free world.

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Quantum Dragon Report

Utilizing Strider’s technology platform and proprietary datasets, Quantum Dragon reveals how China leveraged foreign quantum science labs and government talent recruitment programs to advance its military quantum applications.