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Strider is the leading strategic intelligence company empowering organizations to secure and advance their technology and innovation. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology alongside proprietary methodologies, Strider transform publicly available data into critical insights. This increased intelligence enables organizations to proactively address and respond to risks associated with state-sponsored intellectual property theft, targeted talent acquisition, and supply chain vulnerabilities.

Deliver actionable data and cutting-edge technology that enable organizations to identify risks, capitalize on trends, and win in a new era of global competition.
Protecting the ideals and innovations of the free world.


Our story

Strider Technologies is the combined expertise and experience of Greg and Eric Levesque, and Mike Brown.

Prior to founding Strider in 2019, Greg was working as a leading expert on economic espionage, Eric was working with organizations and governments focusing on investing in new technologies, and Mike had worked as the Chief Technology Officer for several successful tech companies, including ComScore.

They began to see a gap in the data intelligence and risk management space—no one was leveraging big data to address state-sponsored intellectual property theft. They quickly put together the strategy for a product unlike any other.

In 2019, the three officially co-founded Strider Technologies. Since then, the company has rapidly grown as they help secure Fortune 100 organizations and governments around the world.

Greg Levesque

CEO & Co-Founder

Eric Levesque

COO & Co-Founder

Mike Brown

CDO & Co-Founder

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