Research Security

Conduct research more securely with critical insights into collaborators, partners, and talent.

Science is meant to be shared

Open scientific collaboration is a cornerstone of social progress. By fostering transparency, inclusivity, and the sharing of information among researchers, we can accelerate scientific breakthroughs that tackle global challenges more effectively. 

State-sponsored challenges

The path to open scientific collaboration presents a few challenges. One of the major concerns is that scientific findings could be harnessed for unintended purposes, such as building military arsenals and harmful technologies that pose national security risks. 

With the backing and support of a nation-state, state-sponsored actors engage in malicious activities with the goal of furthering their nation's strategic interests. Often, these actors will build and leverage relationships within your organization under the guise of employment, partnership, and collaboration.  

Taking action against research exploitation

Governments around the world are becoming increasingly aware of state-sponsored actors’ exploitation of government-funded research. The U.S. Presidential directive NSPM-33 and Canada’s Policy on Sensitive Technology Research and Affiliations of Concern are two recent examples of the steps taken to counteract these risks.

Steps to promote responsible open scientific collaboration

Raise Awareness of State-Sponsored Risk 

Researchers, institutions, and organizations should become increasingly aware of the threat of state-sponsored risk. Training programs can raise awareness about potential dual-use technologies to anticipate and address potential negative consequences. 

Regulation and Oversight 

Governments and organizations can establish regulations and oversight mechanisms to ensure the responsible use of scientific knowledge, particularly in areas with dual-use potential.

Increase Visibility and Security

Implementing proper security measures on outside talent, partners, and collaborators is an effective way to mitigate research leaks while still participating in and benefiting from open scientific collaboration. 

Strider products
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Combining our unique data with advanced AI processing, Sentry allows you to conduct instant due diligence to screen individuals for state-sponsored security risk. It provides actionable insights on your current talent pool as well as outside partners and collaborators.

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Ranger complements and adds to the intelligence offered by Sentry. Intended for larger organizations, Risk Intelligence proactively identifies talent within your organization that’s at the highest risk of being targeted and provides your security team with regular updates.

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