See the unseen in your supply chain

Get unparalleled visibility into critical aspects of your supply chain.

The pressure is on

In a constantly changing compliance environment, confidently vetting trading partners is critical for an effective supply chain. Know your suppliers like never before with unprecedented insights to partners individually and at scale.

Where has all the good data gone?

Navigating geopolitical risks and compliance has gotten more challenging—and that’s by design. Beyond simple language barriers, some governments utilize digital regulators to make it increasingly difficult to find data that illuminate relevant risks. Add to that the fact that millions of commercial, administrative, and research organizations are owned and managed by foreign governments, and finding the right supplier can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Get a better view of your supply chain

Now more than ever, better data means better visibility. Strider’s proprietary methodology uncovers unique data while also offering subject-matter expertise from a world-class intelligence team. The result is unparalleled visibility into critical aspects of your supply chain that makes for faster, more confident decision-making.

Strider products that can solve this challenge:


Checkpoint is an open-source data tool that enables you to screen your supply chain partners individually and at scale for ties with restricted or high-risk entities. It also identifies end-user impact and connections to foreign government, defense, research, and military organizations.

Ensure compliance to laws and government sanctions Check your suppliers against dozens of foreign government sanctions, weapons, and suppliers lists.
Protects against supply chain and reputational risks Use actionable data to secure your supply chains and maintain your organization’s reputation.
Refines the procurement processScreening suppliers easily at scale helps you streamline the procurement process without sacrificing quality.
Reduce compliance and due diligence costsReduce compliance and due diligence costs with a more streamlined procurement process.
Expedite internal investigations Leverage specific insights to assist in your internal investigations.

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