Curated data assets to empower 
insights for public sector organizations.

Total data objects collected.
New data objects added daily.
Patented data collection process.

Our data,
your insights

We’re placing our transformative proprietary data in your hands. With Data Catalog, you’ll have access to a treasure trove of exclusive data assets specifically curated by Strider.

Data for every decision

Dive deep into the intricacies of state-sponsored risk, supply chain management, and your competitive landscape with unprecedented flexibility. Conveniently categorized by topic, 
these data assets enable you to conduct customized analyses that align with your organization's unique objectives.

Amplify your public sector organization’s intelligence with critical data

Global data accessible only through advanced, proprietary methodology
Current and historical
Consists of current and historical data that may no longer be available today
Continuously growing
Dynamic, living catalogs offering a continuously growing resource
Directly from the source
Source data boosts transparency, customizability, and flexibility

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