Customized, hands-on economic security program development designed to enhance your existing security posture.

Total data objects collected.
New data objects added daily.
Patented data collection process.

Data requires

In today’s data-rich world, organizations experience more challenges from the inability to act on data than from a shortage of data itself. Harnessing the full potential of data requires a clear objective, effective analysis, and proper implementation with the 
right tools.

Do more with
your data

Services empowers our current clients to unlock the
 full potential of Strider’s products and intelligence with advanced economic security program development.

Customized to you

Services is separated into three offerings designed to meet your organization’s current needs. Each offering can be purchased separately, or can be purchased as a comprehensive package.

Receive comprehensive training on external and internal risk environments, tailored to your organization and industry
Learn how to move from 
an ad hoc response 
to a defined, proactive 
security protocol
Learn how to train 
your organization to recognize the signs of 
state-sponsored risk and properly manage them

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