Advanced risk intelligence tool to help identify and manage state-sponsored risk targeting your technology and people

Total data documents collected.
New data documents added daily.
Patented data collection process.

Shining a light on state-sponsored risk

The private sector is the new geopolitical battleground. Now more than ever, state-sponsored actors are targeting private organizations to further their national interests. Their objective? Obtaining your technology and talent.

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From reactive to proactive

Combining our unique data with advanced AI processing, Ranger helps identify, visualize, and respond to the IP, technology, and talent that are at the highest risk for being targeted in your organization. 

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Ranger secures your organization in more ways than one

Protect your tech

Visualize the overlap between foreign-government interests and your company’s technologies. Broken down into detailed subcategories, we’ll deliver a comprehensive view of where to focus your security response.

Safeguard your people

See which of your talent is at the highest risk of being targeted by state-sponsored actors. With contextualized risk indicators, you’ll gain the needed insight to more safely navigate your talent through the risk landscape.

Secure your talent

Better understand the competitor and risk landscape by visualizing the employment cycle. See the top job titles of employees leaving your organization and the top competitors attracting similar talent. 

Zero-Touch Architecture

Benefit from impactful insights from day one with intelligence that doesn’t require any internal client data.

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Proprietary methodology

Our unprecedented intelligence is the result of combining unique, open-source data with our AI processing methodology. Our open-source data scope includes:

Primary sources in multiple languages
Documents in our system
More documents added every day
Global data coverage
Source data is then processed and merged with global patents, research publications, government websites, career profiles, and other publicly available sources

Strider creates timely, meaningful insights from that data by leveraging multiple different AI and machine learning (ML) technologies, including:

Natural language processing (NLP)
Automated machine translation
Hierarchical clustering
Large language models

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