Due diligence tool to identify potential connections that individuals may have with state-sponsored risk.

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Bad actors with great acting skills

State-sponsored actors target all sectors—private, public, research, academic. One of the key tactics, techniques, and procedures these actors employ is building and leveraging relationships within your organization under the guise of employment, partnership, and collaboration. 

Security at an individual level

Combining our unique data with advanced AI processing, Sentry provides crucial intelligence that empowers you to meet your talent needs safely. Instantly illuminate potential connections to state-sponsored risk for talent, partners, and collaborators.

Critical context for safer navigation

With Sentry’s contextualized risk indicators along with supplemental insight from our team of subject-matter experts, you’ll be able to confidently make decisions that secure your organization while boosting your competitive advantage.

Zero-Touch Architecture

Benefit from impactful insights from day one with intelligence that doesn’t require any internal client data.

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Data that delivers

Using open-source data and our proprietary methodology to uncover relevant insights, Sentry illuminates individual connections to high-risk, state-sponsored entities in areas including: 

Restricted entities
Government ties 
Military ties
Industry associations 
Education associations 
Oligarch ties

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