Introducing Sentry, the Latest Product from Strider 



Safely meet your talent needs by instantly illuminating potential connections to state-sponsored risk.

How State-Sponsored Actors Target Your Organization 

One of the growing threats to government, academic, and enterprise organizations is state-sponsored risk. State-sponsored actors operate with the backing and support of a nation-state. These actors engage in malicious activities with the goal of furthering their nation's strategic interests. They often have substantial resources, expertise, and tools at their disposal, making them capable of conducting sophisticated and targeted operations. Their motivations can range from gathering intelligence, stealing sensitive information, disrupting services, and spreading propaganda. 

One of the key tactics, techniques, and procedures these actors use is recruiting individuals at targeted organizations with access to the desired IP and technology. Such recruiting is often done under the guise of official visits, collaborations, and partnerships. This leaves organizations that require such relationships vulnerable to security breaches. 

Shining a Light with Sentry 

Sentry is an effective tool to help supplement your current due diligence process in making collaboration, hiring or partnership decisions. Combining our unique data with advanced AI processing, Sentry provides crucial intelligence that empowers you to meet your talent needs safely. Instantly illuminate potential connections to state-sponsored risk for talent, partners, and collaborators. Identifiable state-sponsored risk includes associations with sanctioned entities, government and military organizations, industry and education associations, and oligarchs.  

With the help of our team of subject-matter experts, Sentry can help shine a light on the unknown of collaboration, talent acquisition, and partnerships.  

See Sentry in Action 

As with all of Strider’s products, our intelligence is open source, so your organization’s internal data is never required. Get impactful insights from day one and meet your talent needs safely with Sentry. Request a demo today.