‘Strider’ and ‘Ranger’: The Interesting History Behind Our Names 



Celebrating Five Years of Strider Technologies 

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our 5th anniversary as a company. Over the last few years, we’ve shared an interesting secret with team members and clients about the origin of our company name. 

The Tolkien Inspiration 

Our name and ethos draw from a memorable character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s "The Lord of the Rings" — Aragorn, who used the pseudonym ‘Strider’ before revealing his true identity. He was also known as ‘Ranger of the North.’ Our company name reflects more than a nod to literary culture; it embodies our mission to protect the ideals and innovations of the free world.

In the tech industry, it's not uncommon to find companies like Palantir and Anduril that also embrace Tolkien's themes to define their brand identities. These names symbolize insight, foresight, and the pursuit of justice. At Strider, we align ourselves with these principles through a commitment to leadership and integrity, inspired by Aragorn’s dedication to safeguarding communities and ideals. 

Embodying the Ranger Philosophy 

As a Ranger, Aragorn is vigilant, resourceful, and unwaveringly dedicated to the protection of all people—a philosophy we strive to mirror in our approach to securing data and technology. His journey from the shadows of anonymity to the throne of Gondor is a testament to the importance of leadership, integrity, and responsibility—values that are central to our operations and vision at Strider Technologies. 

Changing Our Flagship Product to 'Ranger' 

Aligning with this narrative, our flagship product, formerly known as 'Risk Intelligence,' will now be known as 'Ranger.' This change is not merely cosmetic but strategic, enhancing the product’s identity to better reflect its core function. 

The Protective Role of 'Ranger' 

The term 'ranger' traditionally refers to a guardian or protector, someone tasked with overseeing and preserving a specific area or entity. This is precisely what our Ranger product aims to accomplish. It is designed to secure our clients’ organizations, safeguarding against the myriad threats in the vast landscapes of technology and data. Ranger equips our clients with the tools necessary to identify, assess, and respond to state-sponsored risks. 

Our Commitment to Protection and Vigilance 

Renaming our product 'Ranger' symbolizes the protective mantle we assume in our operations. It reinforces our commitment to being at the forefront of defense against evolving state-sponsored threats to technology, people, and supply chains. Just as the Ranger of the North silently protected the people of Middle-earth from dangers seen and unseen, our Ranger product stands guard, ensuring the security and integrity of our clients’ organizations.