Strider Product Update: ‘Supply Chain Intelligence’ is Now ‘Checkpoint’



At Strider, our commitment to innovation and adaptability drives us forward. We're excited to announce that 'Supply Chain Intelligence' has been renamed to 'Checkpoint.' This new name reflects the broad and dynamic capabilities of the product more accurately than its former name.

Why ‘Checkpoint’?

The name ‘Checkpoint’ emphasizes the product’s comprehensive approach to third-party due diligence and risk assessment. It better conveys the depth and breadth of intelligence the platform offers, from security and compliance to reputational risk analysis associated with third-party partners. This renaming marks a significant step in our journey to refine and enhance our offerings continually.

Capabilities of Checkpoint

Checkpoint continues to serve as a robust tool for organizations, equipped with the same trusted features:

  • Security Insights: It provides insights into the security risks presented by third-party partners, particularly those with ties to restricted or high-risk entities, including connections to foreign governments, defense, research, or military sectors.
  • Compliance and Reputation Risks: The platform helps identify key compliance and reputational risks, facilitating thorough due diligence.
  • Organizational Relationships: Users can explore detailed mappings of organizational relationships such as ownership details, parent-subsidiary structures, and supplier-client networks.
  • Personnel Monitoring: Checkpoint identifies the associations of top personnel with high-risk organizations and entities.

Seamless Experience, Familiar Interface

For current users of Supply Chain Intelligence, the transition to Checkpoint will be seamless with no interruption to your service. The platform will maintain its familiar interface and functionality, continuing to support your operations with the same effectiveness and reliability that you have come to expect.

Ready to Assist You

Contact a Strider representative today to discuss how Checkpoint can deliver critical insights for your organization. We are here to assist you in navigating the complexities of third-party relationships with enhanced clarity and confidence.