What is Services?



Strider is pleased to introduce Services, a new set of offerings to help private-sector organizations develop advanced economic security programs to better manage state-sponsored risks. 

Through customized, hands-on training, Services empowers security professionals to enhance their existing economic security program, utilize high-impact data and research, and increase competitiveness in a rapidly changing global risk landscape. 

Services is led by Strider expert Gunnar Newquist, who has 30 years of experience as a special agent at the US Naval Criminal Investigative Services, along with 10 years of experience working with major corporations on corporate security issues, including Deloitte and Boeing. 

Services is separated into three offerings designed to meet your organization’s current needs. Each offering can be purchased separately or can be purchased as a comprehensive package. 


To secure your organization effectively, you need to comprehend both external and internal environments. Externally, you need to understand what foreign governments are seeking and how they get what they want. What technologies are they after? What steps do they take to get what they are after? Internally, you must understand who (i.e., employees, collaborators, or visitors) and what (i.e., specific technology, critical infrastructure, or data) are likely to be targeted.  

Services helps you to understand these two areas intimately so that you can allocate your resources strategically and be prepared to protect what matters effectively.  


With so many potential risks and threats in unique circumstances constantly requiring your attention, it can be easy to slip into reactive, ad-hoc security responses. Services partners with you to develop a proactive security response that works for you and your organization. It includes developing robust threat assessments, risk prevention strategies, and clear investigative plans.  

Protect proactively and clearly by having a comprehensive strategy written and processed before risks turn into threats.  


Educating your people, stakeholders, and executives in a thoughtful way not only builds trust within your organization, it also empowers employees to make wise decisions to avoid getting entangled in relationships that could hurt them and the company. 

Services provides a paradigm to educate your organization of the most pertinent information based on your audience concerning state-sponsored risk. It includes developing training materials for targeted work unit, executives, and all employees at large.  

Request a demo for Services today and see how you can better harness the full power of open-source intelligence and safeguard against state-sponsored risk.