2021 – Year in Review

Press Releases


At Strider, we have one core mission: deliver mission critical data to protect the ideals and innovations of the free world. In 2021, we drove this mission forward in exciting ways, setting new milestones as a company, and establishing proof points to define a new market category brought about by profound geopolitical shifts.

Client Growth

The response we received from organizations and governments this year was incredible. The world is changing rapidly, and as ‘Strategic Competition’ heats up, organizations are working tirelessly to understand and prepare for a new operating environment. Technology, talent, and supply chains are the focal points of risk mitigation and emerging compliance requirements, and our products are tailor-made to help organizations in this new environment.

Last year, Strider increased annual recurring revenue by over 450 percent. Most of this growth came from premier Fortune 500 companies across semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace and defense, and energy & chemicals industries, and contracts with government agencies. Equally important, all our existing clients renewed for another year, a true testament to Strider’s value proposition and our partnerships tackling some of the most pressing corporate and national security issues today. We are building a dynamic community of clients and look forward to continuing this momentum.

Product and Data Development

We continue to build world-class data products tailored to enabling a suite of capabilities within our Strider Intel Platform. Some accomplishments from this year include:

Product Launch: Strider Shield

Strider Shield illuminates potential compliance and intellectual property theft risks tied to nation-state actors. Through Strider Shield, organizations can blend thousands of proprietary data points with their internal systems to proactively identify immediate risks to their organization.

Sample Screenshot of Strider Shield

New Product Capabilities: Targeted Technology and Competitor Ties

Targeted Technology identifies the intersection between an organization’s core technology and those targeted by nation-state actors. For the first time, organizations are able to visualize their technology risk footprint at scale.

Competitor Ties provides insight into talent flow trends, allowing an organization to better understand the employee lifecycle (pre-employment, current, and post-employment). Within the context of Strategic Competition, talent is essential to any organization’s long-term competitiveness. Our clients can now measure their ability to attract, develop, and retain talent in comparison to their peers globally.

Team Strider Expansion

In 2021, our team grew over 200 percent! As the team grew, so did our office locations. We established our company HQ in Salt Lake City, UT, moved our Virginia Office to Tysons Corner, and began our international expansion with the opening of a new London office in December. This expansion in our team was a critical part of our success.

Looking Ahead

Strider has ambitious goals for 2022 as we further enhance our existing products, introduce new capabilities, and expand our operations to support companies and governments across existing and new markets. With our world-class team, we are collectively changing the way corporations and governments compete and win in a new era of global strategic competition.

Greg, Eric, & Mike
Strider Co-Founders