Strider Announces Launch of Strider Shield™ to Enable Organizations to Combat Nation-State Directed IP Theft and Supply Chain Threats

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SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Strider Technologies, Inc. ("Strider"), the leading provider of actionable data in a new era of global strategic competition, today launched Strider Shield, a risk intelligence solution that allows organizations to take a proactive approach to protect employees, safeguard intellectual property (IP), and secure long-term competitiveness.

"Every day, nation-state actors are engaged in sophisticated operations to compromise the people, supply chains, and IP of organizations large and small," said Greg Levesque, Co-founder and CEO of Strider. "Until now, security leaders have had to rely upon constant vigilance and one-off investigations to protect themselves. Strider Shield enables organizations to identify high-risk activities across their systems and protect against economic statecraft related risks."

Today, a growing number of nation-state actors are doing everything they can to advance their strategic interests including engaging in widescale economic statecraft and intellectual property theft.

Strider Shield illuminates potential compliance, intellectual property theft, and talent solicitation risks tied to nation-state actors. Through Strider Shield, organizations can leverage thousands of proprietary data points by adding them to their internal systems and identifying activities that may pose risks to their organization.

Strider Shield leverages billions of open-source data points -- including email addresses, domain names, keywords in multiple languages, and other terms -- to deliver high fidelity risk signals all connected to known actors and TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures). With this data, organizations have actionable and contextualized insights that decrease investigation times, expand visibility into emerging risk landscapes, and move security and legal teams to a proactive risk management posture.

Since launching in May 2019, Strider has established itself as the leading provider of proprietary data and software products enabling Fortune 500 companies and research institutions around the world to identify, assess, and remediate nation-state directed activities targeting their technology, talent, and supply chains. Last year, Strider grew rapidly, by securing a $10 million Series A investment to drive forward new product R&D and market expansion, and opened a new headquarter office in Salt Lake City.

About Strider
Strider is revolutionizing the way companies, universities, research institutions, and government agencies protect their innovation and compete in a new era of global strategic competition. Our trailblazing technology and intelligence solutions enable clients to proactively identify, manage, and respond to nation-state directed IP theft and supply chain vulnerabilities. Strider has operations in Salt Lake City, UT and Washington, D.C.

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