Strider Launches Supply Chain Intelligence Product to Drive Assurance and Compliance Against Nation-State Risks

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Note: This press release was issued under our former product name, “Supply Chain Intelligence. It has since been renamed to “Checkpoint”.

New Capability Protects Against Supply Chain Risks, Ensures Compliance, Streamlines Procurement, and Reduces Costs

Salt Lake City, July 27, 2022 -- Strider Technologies, Inc. ("Strider"), the leading provider of strategic intelligence, today launched its new Supply Chain Intelligence solution to enable organizations to screen suppliers at scale for geopolitical and compliance risk. Strider’s automated screening provides actionable and contextualized data that allows users to more quickly adapt to changing business and compliance needs driven by rapidly evolving geopolitical trends.

Strider Supply Chain Intelligence has been leveraged by the U.S. Air Force to vet its suppliers for potentially problematic ties to nation-states of concern. This solution is now available to companies and research institutions to streamline the procurement process, ensure compliance with laws and government sanctions, reduce compliance costs, and better protect their supply chain against risks.

"Today, organizations operate in a rapidly changing geopolitical and regulatory environment. They desperately require new tools, data, and context to effectively manage their global supply chains against nation-state risks,” said Greg Levesque, CEO & Co-Founder of Strider. “We are proud to meet that need with a new product that allows organizations to minimize their supply chain risk and drive positive business outcomes.”

Strider Supply Chain Intelligence offers both real-time and continuous coverage of risk signals and compliance requirements. For example, users can monitor globally for sanctioned entities and subsidiaries, state-owned enterprises, military end users, and foreign defense universities and their subsidiaries. Furthermore, the solution provides context by detailing risk and compliance type, entity information, and risk scoring to support internal client protocols.

With the release of Supply Chain Intelligence, Strider now provides a comprehensive suite of products to protect the intellectual property, talent, and supply chains of organizations and government agencies from nation-state risks. Since launching in May of 2019, Strider has secured $57 million in venture capital funding and established its position as a first mover and trusted partner to Fortune 500 clients, government agencies, and research institutions around the world.

About Strider           
Strider is revolutionizing the way companies, government agencies, and research institutions protect their innovation and compete in a new era of global strategic competition. Our trailblazing technology and intelligence solutions enable clients to proactively identify, manage, and respond to nation-state-directed IP theft and supply chain vulnerabilities. Strider has operations in Salt Lake City, UT, Washington, D.C, and London, U.K.

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