Strider Releases Report on China’s Efforts Around Dual-Use Quantum Technologies

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Today Strider, the world's first risk intelligence platform leveraging proprietary datasets, machine learning and human intelligence to illuminate economic espionage risks beyond the cyber domain, released a report detailing the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) government and scientists at the University of Science and Technology of China to become a global leader in quantum research and applications. 

China’s rapid advances in dual-use quantum technologies stem from a multi-decade PRC government strategy to exploit Western government funding to send PRC scientists to top quantum research labs around the world for training. The government then recruits these scientists, who have made “unwritten agreements” before they were sent out, back to China through PRC government talent programs and funding schemes. 

This is all done in the name of “international scientific cooperation” while the now Western-trained PRC scientists simultaneously support China’s state-owned defense companies to develop quantum military applications. 

The methods China has deployed to advance its military quantum program, uncovered by Strider’s technology platform and its in-house Global Intelligence Team, are fueling a new global competition across strategically significant scientific fields and technology-driven industries. China’s strategy is positioning it to achieve a competitive advantage over the U.S. and other nations in certain quantum technologies with military applications.

“According to the Office of the U.S Trade Representative, IP theft from China is costing U.S corporations $225B-$600B a year. American innovation that represents our nation’s future is being stolen right before our eyes,” said Bill Priestap, Strider board member and former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI. “Strider is the first technology of its kind that allows our universities, corporations and research institutes to have a fighting chance of stopping this."

"This sobering report is a perfect example of how Strider is a first-of-its-kind technology tool to combat the massive problem of IP theft and economic espionage," said Bob Ackerman, Co-Founder of the startup foundry DataTribe that invested in Strider. "We cannot fall behind when it comes to quantum technology research. Strider's technology puts our leaders in a position to see these risks, develop a response and act." 

Strider's software-as-a-service platform is harnessed by Fortune 500 companies to illuminate employee, third-party ecosystem, and industry risks related to nation state directed activities, enabling these organizations to better safeguard their employees, protect their intellectual property, and secure their long-term competitiveness while never touching the corporate network.

"Foreign governments are increasingly active in the commercial domain as they seek to achieve dominance in emerging scientific fields and technologies deemed strategic, including quantum," said Greg Levesque, CEO and co-founder of Strider. “We believe in protecting open scientific collaboration, a cornerstone of Western innovation, which is why we’ve released the ‘Quantum Dragon’ report to raise the alarm and provide actionable intelligence.”

Strider's Quantum Dragon report can be accessed here.

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