Defend against state-sponsored communication attempts directed at your organization.

Verified Risk Indicators At Your Fingertips

Shield helps protect your intellectual property by providing dynamic data that’s directly connected to high-risk, state-sponsored actors. It can be integrated directly into your current data loss prevention (DLP) system and flag any high-risk emails or other communication attempts with reduced noise.

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Strider Shield Terms Identified

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Increase Defense

Monitor high-risk communication entering your organization.

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Gain Context

Conduct investigations efficiently with helpful insights.

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Stay Up to Date

Get the latest data automatically added every month.

Security Against State-Sponsored Threats

Foreign governments are increasingly targeting private organizations to gain proprietary technology and information to further their national objectives. Traditional security tools only offer limited protection against these attacks. Shield provides a unique and growing dataset of high-risk, state-sponsored intel that your organizations can use to enrich the existing internal security systems.

Features Included with Shield

  • Thousands of email addresses, domain names, and keywords that are connected to high-risk state-sponsored actors
  • Detailed descriptions and related context for identified risks
  • Data provenance for each risk signal

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