Strider Supply Chain Intelligence

Supply Chain Intelligence
at your Fingertips

In a rapidly changing geopolitical and regulatory environment companies require new tools, data, and context to effectively manage their global supply chains.

Actionable Intelligence

Strider Supply Chain Intelligence enables organizations to screen suppliers at scale for geopolitical and compliance risk. Strider’s automated screening process provides actionable and contextualized data that allows clients to more quickly adapt to changing business and compliance needs.

Through leveraging an API integration, companies can check suppliers for connections to nation-state actors:

  • Sanctioned/restricted entities and subsidiaries
  • Nation-state military end users and suppliers
  • Defense training and research organizations
  • Xinjiang entities (i.e. organizations impacted by the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act)
  • Nation-state owned enterprises or other state-managed entities

For each supplier, Strider will deliver actionable insights that include details of the risk and compliance type, entity information, and a risk level score.

  • Immediate response to inquires about suppliers
  • Detailed risk description and context for each supplier
  • Strider Risk Rating for each supplier
  • Data provenance provided for each inquiry
  • Data checked against dozens of government sanctions lists and other weapon supplier lists
  • API integration
  • Streamline procurement process
  • Expedites internal investigations
  • Ensures compliance to laws and government sanctions
  • Reduces compliance and due diligence costs
  • Protects organizations from supply chain risks