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Fortune 500 Tech Company Leverages Shield to Mitigate Compliance Risk and Secure R&D


This Global Fortune 500 company is an innovation leader within the technology industry. The company’s worldwide customer base includes leading companies in the private sector as well as various government agencies and other public sector entities.

Anticipating the emergence of advanced compliance risk and intellectual property threats to its organization, the company conducted a thorough analysis of its ability to identify, manage, and respond to nation-state actors targeting its talent and intellectual property.

Ultimately the company decided that the Shield data stream provided the coverage, insight, and on-going capability it needed to enhance its security program and better position the company to effectively navigate its diverse and everchanging risk landscape.

The Challenge

The company had been working to establish a new risk framework to proactively respond to evolving nation- state connected threats and emerging compliance requirements. After conducting a thorough review, the company recognized that its existing risk identification tools and related data streams did not provide the necessary capabilities, or adequate coverage, to effectively manage these new advanced threats. The company needed a solution that would allow it to

identify and respond to nation-state-related risks, leveraging internal and external data streams, without requiring multiple product solutions or hiring additional team members to support the program. In addition, the company’s security team wanted a solution that could be integrated with its current security operations and that would improve its ability to understand and act on identified risks.

The Solution

After an in-depth comparative analysis, the company identified Shield as the most robust and cost-effective solution available to protect its organization by both bolstering its proactive security posture and enhancing its risk management program.

Through testing multiple software and data solutions, the company generated some key insights. First, the company had strong data streams, but it was unable to effectively leverage these data streams because of a large number of false positives. Next, the company realized it needed new, unique, and more relevant data points, but at the same time it also needed help finetuning its existing data streams to better protect the company from emerging threats. Finally, the security team needed to bolster its existing resources with targeted analytical support that would complement the expertise and experience of its security professionals.

The Results

The company had limitations in extracting targeted insights from its internal data streams. The company realized that an external data stream, blended with internal data, would allow it to take a more targeted approach to effectively identify risks.

By blending external data from Shield with internal data, the company was able to surface specific compliance risks, such as established R&D programs with high-risk entities that were previously unknown to the company’s security team.

Additionally, the company was able to identify trends of non-traditional targeting, such as solicitations from nation-state actors targeting specific business units over a sustained period of time. The company’s security and legal teams highly valued the ability to utilize the Shield dataset to enrich ongoing investigations and ensure more data-driven outcomes.

Shield was selected by the company and deployed across the entire organization. The Shield dataset was utilized immediately, and value was realized on the first day. The deployment was successfully achieved without any required system integration, or any internal data being provided by the company to Strider.

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