Client Stories

Leading Research Institute Safeguards Collaborations with Supply Chain Intelligence

As one of the most prestigious research institutes in the U.S., our client regularly publishes groundbreaking findings that benefit the world. Recently, our client incorporated Strider’s product Supply Chain Intelligence into their security protocol to have more visibility into their collaboration network.  

Recognizing a Growing Problem 

With collaboration being a critical aspect of research and innovation, our client regularly works with other researchers across the globe. However, in recent years, collaboration has become increasingly risky due to the alarming rise in state-sponsored IP theft attempts.  

For instance, in 2020, as many institutions were conducting research for the COVID-19 vaccine, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Iran carried out several cyber-attacks to steal valuable intellectual property relating to the vaccine. They targeted several research institutes and other organizations both directly and indirectly through their supply chains.  

Achieving Better Visibility 

To ensure safe collaborations, our client initiated a search for a comprehensive solution to verify the safety of potential partners. After extensive research, they discovered and implemented Strider's Supply Chain Intelligence product. 

The implementation of Supply Chain Intelligence enabled them to thoroughly screen potential third-party partners for any connections to sanctioned or restricted entities and subsidiaries, military suppliers, and other state-owned organizations.  

 With Supply Chain Intelligence, our client now has the ability to proactively manage the risks associated with partnerships and ensure the safety and integrity of their research, allowing them to continue their work with greater confidence.  

See Supply Chain Intelligence in Action  

Better visibility into suppliers and collaborators has increasingly become more critical. Supply Chain Intelligence, along with Strider’s other products, offer never-before-seen intelligence for faster, more confident decision-making. See how Supply Chain Intelligence can safeguard your partnerships. Request a demo today.