Risk and Security

Proactively manage, visualize, and respond to threats against your technology and talent.

Your Path to a Proactive Defense Posture

Illuminate risks across your organization, understand your technology landscape, and become more proactive in your risk and security approach.

Better allocation of time and money

With greater insight into where the threats exist within your organization you can be more effective and efficient in allocating time and resources to protect your company.

No customer data integration required

Strider collects data from tens of thousands of primary data sources in multiple languages through a zero-touch architecture which does not require any of your data.

Uncover threats cyber security tools have difficulty detecting

Strider’s customized dataset layered with our proprietary risk methodology provides your organization access to information that other security tools have difficulty detecting.

On-going threat detection

With millions of new data points collected daily, we provide you with new and actionable insights every month.

Understanding the Challenges

Your organization needs to protect the technology and talent that provides your strategic advantage. Protecting this valuable advantage can present a huge challenge.

Threats against your technology and talent come from multiple sources and include nation-state actors actively stealing intellectual property (IP) and recruiting top talent through direct and targeted strategies.

Strider products that can solve this challenge: