Supply Chain Risk Management

Ensure your supply chain is free of geopolitical and compliance risks.

Your Path to Making More Informed Decisions

Ensures compliance to laws and government sanctions

Check your suppliers against dozens of government sanctions and nation-state weapons and suppliers lists.

Protects against supply chain and reputational risks

Use actionable data to secure your supply chains and maintain your organization’s reputation.

Refines the procurement process

Screening suppliers easily at scale helps you streamline the procurement process without sacrificing quality.

Reduces compliance and due diligence costs

Reduce compliance and due diligence costs with a more streamlined procurement process.

Expediate Internal Investigations

Leverage specific insights to assist in your internal investigations.

Understanding the Challenges

We are in a rapidly changing geopolitical and regulatory environment. Organizations require new tools, data, and context to effectively manage their global supply chains.

With the complex visibility of most supply chain networks, it can be difficult for organizations to secure their technology and ensure compliance to laws and regulations.

Strider product that can solve this challenge: