Strider Product Update: ‘Risk Intelligence’ is now ‘Ranger’ 



We're excited to announce that our flagship product, 'Risk Intelligence,' has been renamed to 'Ranger.' This change is part of our ongoing effort to better align our product suite under a unified theme that accurately reflects their capabilities and makes it easier for our clients to identify the solutions that best meet their security needs. 

Why 'Ranger'? 

The name “Ranger” was chosen to highlight the product’s robust capabilities of identifying and responding to risk, essential for providing advanced intelligence. It reflects the proactive and protective qualities of our offering, ensuring that organizations can gain better situational awareness of state-sponsored risk. This renaming enhances the cohesive theme of our other products, Shield, Checkpoint, and Sentry—each name chosen to convey strength and reliability. 

Capabilities of Ranger 

While the name has been updated, the trusted features of Ranger remain the same: 

Advanced Risk Identification: Ranger continues to lead in identifying risks involving your technology and personnel from state-sponsored actors. 

Comprehensive Modules: With three distinct modules covering different aspects of your organization, Ranger delivers valuable insights and context, empowering faster and more confident decision-making. 

Seamless Experience, Familiar Interface 

For those of you who have been using Risk Intelligence, rest assured that the transition to Ranger will be seamless. You will encounter no interruption in service, and the platform will continue to support your operations with the same interface and functionality that you have come to trust. We’re continually advancing our technology and capabilities to make Ranger even more effective, ensuring our solutions not only meet but exceed the evolving security needs of our clients. 

Ready to Assist You 

Contact a Strider representative today to learn more about how Ranger and our full suite of products can deliver critical insights and robust protection against the most complex security challenges. At Strider, we are here to help you safeguard your talent, technology, and third-party partnerships with enhanced clarity and confidence.