Strider Announces Update to Flagship Risk Intelligence Solution

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“Ranger” will continue to enable Strider customers to identify, contextualize, and respond to state-sponsored actors targeting their organization’s technology and talent 

Salt Lake City (May 16, 2024)  – Strider Technologies, Inc. the leading provider of strategic intelligence, today announced an update to its flagship Risk Intelligence solution, including a new name, Ranger.

Using Strider’s proprietary open-source methodology, Ranger helps corporations, government agencies, and research institutions around the world identify the technology and talent within their organization that are being targeted by state-sponsored actors, and establish a proactive security response.

"As organizations push the boundaries of research and development, they find themselves at the forefront of a growing geopolitical conflict,” said Spencer Morris, Head of Product at Strider. “We are proud to offer Ranger as a strategic solution designed to proactively secure organizations against sophisticated efforts from competing nations. With Ranger, we are not just responding to threats; we are anticipating them, ensuring our clients can move forward with confidence and security."

Ranger’s intelligence leverages Strider’s open-source data from 50,000+ global primary sources and advanced AI data processing tools to deliver contextualized risk insights. Specifically, Ranger delivers strategic intelligence to organizations in three ways:

Targeted Technology

Helps organizations understand the intersection between their core technologies and those that are targeted by state-sponsored actors, using industrial, government, and policy documents, and other public sources.

Risk Signals

Illuminates the connections that state-sponsored actors may leverage to approach an organization's talent. Risk Signals identifies over 20 different types of high-risk connections between an organization’s talent and nation-state actors.

Talent Flows

Secures talent by tracking the flow of incoming and outgoing employees. Talent Flows shows the movements of people across your organization and industry. It includes the top 40 job titles of employees who are leaving your organization and the top 40 competitors attracting similar talent.

Strider Ranger offers real-time and continuous coverage across Targeted Technology, Risk Signals, and Talent Flows. Furthermore, Ranger is deployed using a zero-touch architecture that does not require any internal client data and every flagged risk comes from a legally viable source, ensuring the highest levels of data provenance.

To request a demo and learn more about how Ranger can help your organization identify and respond to state-sponsored risk targeting your technology and talent, visit

About Strider        

Strider is the leading strategic intelligence company empowering organizations to secure and advance their technology and innovation. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology alongside proprietary methodologies, Strider transforms publicly available data into critical insights. This increased intelligence enables organizations to proactively address and respond to risks associated with state-sponsored intellectual property theft, targeted talent acquisition, and supply chain vulnerabilities. Strider has operations around the globe with offices in Salt Lake City, Washington, DC, and London.