Navigating Uncertainty: Finance in a Shifting Geopolitical Terrain



Geopolitics Are Growing in Complexity

With numerous sanctions from Western countries against Russia, banking and other financial institutions are operating in an extremely complex geopolitical landscape. Working safely with Russia-related third-party partners and end-users while remaining compliant with ever-changing regulations is the new reality that many organizations face today.

Security teams in the banking industry are already inundated with a host of risks due to the sensitive nature of the information they handle, managing increased geopolitical complexity can easily become overwhelming.

Conducting Safer Business 

Strider offers a suite of products designed to assist banks and other financial institutions in navigating the challenges of the dynamic geopolitical landscape. Our offerings encompass ensuring regulatory compliance and identifying state-sponsored risks within your organization.

Supply Chain Intelligence 

Supply Chain Intelligence is a third-party due diligence tool that provides visibility into security, compliance, and reputational risks. Supply Chain Intelligence identifies organizational relationships including ownership, parent-subsidiary connections, and supplier-and-client relationships. It also provides insights into third-party partners and end users with connections to restricted or high-risk entities, foreign government, defense, research, or military organizations.


Our premiere email security product, Shield is a growing set of data that includes verified email addresses, domain names, and terms that are directly linked to state-sponsored actors. It allows you to effectively defend against state-sponsored solicitation directed at your organization. 


Sentry is a due diligence tool that allows you to more safely meet your talent needs. Search and immediately identify potential connections that individuals may have with state-sponsored risk. Using Strider’s robust data collection and AI processing tools, Sentry identifies up to 13 potential connections, including government ties, military ties, and funding history.

Client Success with Supply Chain Intelligence

As one of the largest and most reputable financial institutions 
in the United States, our client regularly engages in merger & acquisition (M&A) activities. To ensure the safety of the organization and its clients, they prioritize thorough due diligence on potential M&A partners.

One of the most challenging aspects of their due diligence process has consistently been determining the state-sponsored risks associated with potential partners. It involved laborious processes, including gathering complex data, cross-referencing international sources, and conducting in-depth investigations. Due to the lengthy nature of this investigation, incidents occurred where an M&A had to be stopped entirely at the last minute after discovering state-sponsored associations with the organization, wasting valuable time and resources.

Realizing the need to streamline the due diligence process, our client sought out a solution and discovered Strider’s Supply Chain Intelligence. Supply Chain Intelligence enables our client to instantly verify whether potential M&A partners have possible ties to restricted or high-risk organizations, including sanctioned entities and subsidiaries, military suppliers, end-users, and other state-owned enterprises. Supply Chain Intelligence also includes a dynamic network graph view that can be used to easily and visibly show high-risk organizational relationships that potential M&A partners have.

Taking advantage of the speed to insight, our client now utilizes Supply Chain Intelligence as an initial screening tool before entering the entire due diligence process for potential partners. This new process has led to both time and cost savings, along with improved decision-making capabilities.

See Strider Products in Action   

Our suite of products can help you proactively manage the risks that come with talent recruitment, compliance, and third-party and end-user due diligence. Get never-before-seen intelligence for faster, more confident decision-making.

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