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How Strider Technologies used open-source intelligence (OSINT) to uncover the PRC’s use of state-sponsored actors to leapfrog competitors in quantum technologies, and how that same data can help protect your IP 

State-sponsored intellectual property theft is on the rise 

As countries around the world enter a new era of global strategic competition, state-sponsored threats are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated. The U.S. government estimates that intellectual property (IP) theft by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) costs the U.S. economy up to $600 billion annually. 

Strider Technologies utilizes trillions of open-source data points that enable organizations to proactively identify, manage, and respond to state-sponsored risk and supply chain vulnerabilities. 

Case in point: China’s exploitation of Western resources to advance their quantum technologies

Take for example Strider’s report titled Quantum Dragon. Leveraging open-source data, Strider delivers new insights and findings into how the PRC exploited Western resources to leapfrog competitors in its military quantum applications.  

The PRC’s strategy includes sending Chinese scientists to top quantum research labs around the world for training, then recruiting those scientists back to China through government talent programs to support the development of their quantum research programs. This strategy is publicly done in the name of "international scientific cooperation," but these Chinese scientists simultaneously collaborate with Chinese state-owned defense companies to develop military applications for quantum technologies. 

You can read the full report of our findings here.  

Spotting IP theft before it happens 

The same technology that uncovered China’s attempt to exploit quantum technologies can also protect your organization from similar theft. Strider combines open-source data, proprietary risk methodology, and subject-matter expertise to provide organizations direct visibility into the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) that lead to state-sponsored IP theft.  

This proactive approach better enables security teams to safeguard their people, protect their IP, and secure their bottom line.  

Products that offer never-before-seen visibility 

Strider’s products provide innovative tools to help you protect your organization with confidence. Our current offerings include: 

  • Ranger
    • Identify and respond to state-sponsored risk in your organization at industry and individual levels. Using actionable intelligence, you can take a proactive defense posture on your core technologies and talent that are most targeted by foreign state-sponsored actors. Learn more about Ranger here
  • Shield
    • Enhance your current security measures with risk terms directly connected to foreign state-sponsored actors. Shield can be integrated directly into your current data loss prevention (DLP) system and flag any risky emails or other communication attempts directed at your talent. Shield is constantly updated with new and additional data every month. Learn more about Shield here.   
  • Supply Chain Intelligence
    • Screen suppliers at scale for geopolitical and compliance risk. Strider’s automated screening process provides actionable and contextualized data that allows clients to adapt more quickly to changing business and compliance needs. Learn more about Supply Chain Intelligence here.  

Identifying risk in your organization 

State-sponsored risk continues to pose critical threats for the world’s biggest organizations. See why Fortune 100 companies are deploying Strider’s services. Request a demo to experience our proprietary data in action—visualized in a way that will deliver immediate insights.   

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