Revolutionizing How Organizations Manage State-Sponsored Risk



Since its founding in 2019, Strider has taken a unique approach to managing state-sponsored risk. Traditionally, companies and governments have used a manual, case-by-case response. But as foreign governments increasingly exploit organizations’ intellectual property and talent to further their national objectives, a faster, more automated security response is needed. The first of its kind for state-sponsored risk, Strider takes a big-data approach. We leverage open-source intelligence to provide organizations with actionable data that allows them to visualize, manage, and respond to state-sponsored risk and supply chain vulnerabilities.  

Industry in the Crosshairs  

Foreign governments have always used tactics to obtain information that could help expand their technological and military prowess—the difference today is how they’re going about it. Historically, state-sponsored actors focused on collecting classified information at a government-to-government level. Today, we also know they focus on growing their strategic advantages through the global economy. That means collecting valuable information across a wide range of industries, like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, electric vehicles, and even agriculture equipment. As we have entered this new era of geopolitical competition, many companies are at a heightened risk of state-sponsored intellectual property theft. 

Strider was founded on a clear purpose, “protecting the ideals and innovations of the free world.” We achieve that purpose by providing our clients strategic intelligence and subject-matter expertise. 

Strategic intelligence at your fingertips 

Now that private organizations are more in the crosshairs of foreign governments than ever before, the most effective way to combat this risk is with visibility. What technologies are foreign governments targeting? What tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) are they leveraging? How do they find, contact, and recruit key employees? How does an organization know which of their suppliers have ties to government and military organizations? These questions are critical in securing your IP, talent, and supply chains. 

Strider collects open-source data globally from over 31,000 primary sources in multiple languages. With over 7 billion documents in our system and 12 million more added every day, Strider delivers actionable insights without our clients providing any internal data. This dynamic data reaches across borders with source documents gathered from countries including the People's Republic of China (PRC), Russia, and Iran. The data is then processed and merged with global patents, research publications, government websites, career profiles, and other publicly available sources.  

But having all that raw data is meaningless unless you can turn it into contextualized, actionable intelligence. That’s where our proprietary methodology comes in. Strider leverages multiple different AI and machine learning (ML) technologies, including natural language processing (NLP), automated machine translation, hierarchical clustering, transformers, and other AI/ML technologies. These tools allow us to quickly organize, analyze, and pull the most relevant insights for our clients in the timeliest manner possible.  

Our intelligence is currently channeled into three products: 


  • Identify and respond to state-sponsored risk in your organization at industry and individual levels. See which of your talent and technology is at the highest risk of being targeted, so you can get a more proactive view of where to focus your time, attention, and resources.  


  • Defend against state-sponsored communication attempts directed at your organization. Shield can be integrated directly into your existing security capabilities and flag any risky emails or other communication attempts. 


  • Checkpoint is third-party due diligence tool that provides visibility into state-sponsored security, compliance, and reputational risk.. Strider’s automated screening process provides actionable and contextualized data that allows clients to adapt more quickly to changing business and compliance needs. 

Subject-matter experts at the ready 

State-sponsored risk is complex, continually developing, and can feel overwhelming at times. Even with heightened visibility, you might be left wondering about the best course of action. For that reason, we also make available a team of leading experts on protection, big data, tradecraft, finance, and analytics. The Strider Global Intelligence Team comes from top government agencies and companies from around the world.  

Our team answers questions, provides insight, conducts Requests for Information (RFIs), and offers additional context when needed. This deeper, supplemental intelligence has proven invaluable for our clients time and time again.  

See our offerings in action 

Our unique data combined with our subject-matter experts offer an unparalleled level of intelligence on state-sponsored risk and supply chain vulnerabilities. Experience it in action with a live demo. Because we only use open-source intelligence, our demos aren’t hypothetical. We’ll show you real data and real insights in real time. Reach out today to get connected to a Strider representative to strategize how our intelligence and products can best serve your organization.