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Rising Risk in the Biotech Industry 

As the biotech industry continues to experience significant growth, high-caliber talent recruitment is critical for organizations. For that reason, many Fortune 500 biotech companies employ researchers from around the world. Yet in recent years, this recruitment structure has become increasingly risky due to the rising amount of state-sponsored IP and talent theft attempts. 

For example, in 2021 husband-and-wife scientists, Yu Zhou and Li Chen, were sentenced to prison for over two years for conspiring to steal trade secrets from Nationwide Children’s Hospital's Research Institute, where they were employed for ten years. The couple intended to use these trade secrets to benefit the company they started in China with the assistance of the PRC government. 

This incident serves as one of many examples of how the PRC government is actively targeting individuals working overseas to extract trade secrets to achieve their national objectives. 

In this rising risk climate, many biotech research organizations are looking for solutions to help safeguard their IP, technology, and talent. 

Conducting Safer Recruitment  

Strider offers products that can protect biotech organizations to help ensure safer recruitment, better protection of research, and more confident end-user due diligence. 


A new product from Strider, Sentry empowers organizations to safely meet their talent needs by illuminating an individual’s potential connections to state-sponsored risk, including talent, partners, and collaborators. Sentry identifies potential connections in areas including restricted, government, and military entities, as well as industry and education associations. 


With Ranger, you can visualize the overlap between foreign-government interests and your organization’s research and technologies. Broken down into detailed subcategories, you can gain a comprehensive view of where to focus your security response. Learn more about additional insights Ranger provides here.  


Shield is our premiere email security product. It enables biotech security teams to block, monitor, and investigate inbound emails originating from sanctioned, restricted, or state-owned entities. This growing list of proprietary data helps proactively stop the seeds of state-sponsored risk in organizations and helps protect the innovation and reputation of both the company and the employee. 


Checkpoint enables our biotech clients to thoroughly screen potential third-party partners for any connections to sanctioned or restricted entities and subsidiaries, including state-owned organizations. Users can also ensure proper end-user due diligence and disambiguate specific ownership of various supply chain relationships in mergers and acquisitions. 

See Strider Products in Action   

With the use of Strider products, our clients can proactively manage the risks that come with talent recruitment, collaborations, and mergers & acquisitions. Get never-before-seen intelligence for faster, more confident decision-making.  

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